Swiss Chard Microgreens

Swiss Chard Microgreens

Product Details

Our Microgreens are always provided fresh with an emphasis on high quality, great taste, and beauty. Our Microgreens provide an endless opportunity to pack flavor and visual appeal to your offerings. Use these as a garnish, micro salad, soup compliment, or nutritional addition to any meal.

We provide options for quantity desired. Bulk quantities are available for high volume customers, as well as specialty mixes.

Packaged Sizes Available Include:

16 OZ Clam shell
8 OZ Clam shell
4 OZ Clam shell

Please contact us directly via email for price list or additional information.

To place your order please contact us via email, phone or fax.

Email Orders and Info :
Phone Orders and Info: 407-484-9101
Fax Orders: (888) 407-7451